Bad Movie Club: A Talking Cat!?!

2013 masterpiece

Rating: 2/20 (Carrie: 1/20; Johnny: 1/20; Fred: 6/20; Libby: 3/20; Josh: 1/20; Jeremy: don't think he stuck around)

Plot: I already wrote about this movie here.

The fake poster above is from a person named Aric. Perusing that tumblr, I started thinking that I should do a David DeCoteau Fest after somebody correctly guesses what the Mystery Fest is all about.

Yes, I subjected people to A Talking Cat!?! I pretty much nailed it with my earlier write-up and don't have much to add. Johnny turned almost violent at the frequent mentioning of cheese puffs. Fred, a computer guy, was amused at the giant laptop with duct tape prop that both Kristine DeBell's daughter and Phil had. Everybody assumed (incorrectly) that Justin Cone's character was a closet homosexual even though he was clearly swimming with a girl at the end of the movie. We all appreciated the bandages they slapped on Duffy, and we were all amazed at Eric Roberts' voice work in this. And some of us felt sorry for Squeaky, the cat who played the titular feline, because this role may have ruined his or her career. Oh, and Josh would love to see Bart the Bear in Squeaky's place which, I'll admit, would make an interesting movie.

Magical scenes:

1) First time Duffy talks--that special effect!
2) Cheese puffs must just sit in an oven that isn't turned on or something since the characters don't require oven mitts to pull them out.
3) Driving montage
4) Father and son using DeBell's daughter's program to figure out that a blue shirt will look good with jeans and a white belt. Still not sure what they were scanning there.
5) Seeing that cat with that loose bandage on his head.
6) "Is that a cat?"
7) Hearing Eric Roberts mumble, "Cheese puffs wafting across the pool deck."
8) "La Cucaracha"
9) Finding out that Phil's shirt translates as "A fucking day at a time"
10) Phil's Bogart impression
11) The life-changing advice from Duffy: "Stop worrying about the destination and enjoy the trip" (paraphrase)
12) Echoes, echoes, echoes, echoes
13) Best reggae version of "Itzy Bitzy Spider" I've ever heard
14) Great dialogue: "What happened?" "We did. . .something." Not even the people performing in the movie knew what was happening apparently.

Let me know if you think a David DeCoteau/Mary Crawford Fest is a good idea or not.

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