I Know Where I'm Going!

1945 romantic drama

Rating: 17/20

Plot: A woman tries desperately to get to an island so that she can marry a rich guy. A guy in a skirt invades her personal space, and ugly people sing loudly.

This starts whimsically, suffering from too much 1940's scoring, but it gradually turns into a wonderful love story thick with symbolism. The imagery is the real star of the show, all these silhouettes against foggy or watery backdrops. A chaotic trip in a boat where Roger Livesey smokes his pipe upside down dates things, but I loved the discombobulation and the perverse angles. Deprived of chances to see nudity both in real life or on the screen, I kept halfway expecting Wendy Hiller to disrobe and had to remind myself that I was watching a movie from 1945 and would therefore be disappointed.

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