Time Travel Movie Fest: Happy Accidents

2000 romantic time-travel movie

Rating: 14/20

Plot: Ruby, a gal who's had problems finding a nice man to sleep with, finally meets a guy who may or may not be from Dubuque who seems almost too perfect to be true. However, warning signs start popping up which suggest he's not being entirely honest. Finally, he drops a bombshell--that he's from around 400 years in the future. He's a horny future man.

No, the Time Travel Movie Fest is not happening again. What happened was I went back in time to last year when the Time Travel Movie Fest was happening, watched this movie that I couldn't find at the time, and then came back to the present to write about it. I should have time-traveled myself to a time when I was writing on this blog consistently because now I've forgotten the finer details of this movie and will have to dust off the old time machine to go back in time and have a conversation with myself about the movie right after I've seen it. And then I'll have to have sex with my own grandma while I'm at it.

I have a thing for Marisa Tomei because I'm secretly George Costanza, only not portly or bald. And my wife knows I have a thing for Marisa Tomei which is why I had to watch this in secret, too bad since she has a thing for Vincent D'Onofrio. I think he's a weird-looking guy, but she's also attracted to Lyle Lovett. And me. So I guess she's into weird-looking guys. D'Onofrio's performance as that horny future man is really wacky, like he's hopped up on amphetamines or something. He's very difficult to take seriously, those wide eyes just a little too much. Tomei is in her cuteness prime, and I was distracted during the movie because I couldn't stop thinking about how much I'd like to bite her on the butt. I think that's why I was able to ignore the plot holes and more illogical moments. Their love story is predictable and splashed with too much Hollywood, but it's never not likable and a fine addition to the genre of time-travel love stories.

This movie starts with a Tom Ze song that is just wonderful.

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