2011 drama

Rating: 13/20

Plot: The titular group starts a business where they impersonate deceased loved ones.

Had high hopes for this, Yorgos Lanthimos's follow-up to Dogtooth, and tried to watch it about six different times. A lot of its failure to connect is probably my fault. I'm not sure I was willing to put in the effort required to really connect all of its pieces. The acting is fine, and there are a lot of nice moments throughout the movie, but you kind of figure out what it's all about, at least on a superficial level, early on. After that, it just seems like it goes on and on. This was a really long 93-minute movie.

I'm looking forward to seeing The Lobster, and I'd like to see Dogtooth again. Maybe I'll give this one another shot in a few years and like it better. Maybe my expectations were just off.

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