Rock the Kasbah

2015 comedy

Rating: 10/20

Plot: A washed-up rock 'n' roll manager ventures to Afghanistan with Zooey Deschanel to make some quick cash but ends up stranded. He

Bill Murray plays washed-up well, but I think I've decided I really only like him in Wes Anderson movies. People making movies with Bill Murray in them have to understand that you need more than a scene where Bill Murray belts out "Smoke on the Water" in order for the movie to work. To be completely fair, this does have some moments, and there's plenty of Cat Stevens. But its name-dropping becomes so tedious, and the story, apparently based on a true story, is a real mess. Instead of taking advantage of an opportunity to actually say something about the situation in Afghanistan--or any 'stan because, if I understand things correctly, there are situations in those places--or about the trials and tribulations of females in the Middle East, Barry Levinson and company just try to make things wacky. When things do turn meaningful, you can't take things seriously.

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