2013 apocalyptic comedy

Rating: 14/20

Plot: Two drifters break into houses when the owners are away, drink a lot, smash up some cars, and meet new friends.

"How about a little fire scarecrow?" It just might be my favorite cinematic allusion of the year. Telling you where it comes from would ruin the surprise.

Those of you who know me know that I enjoy movies that seem to go nowhere at all. This is a movie that definitely doesn't go anywhere. It sort of threatens to, just as it sort of threatens to develop some themes. I actually doubt this is a good movie, but I laughed a bit. I'm also not sure if I liked this movie more or less once some sort of conflict developed.

This is writer/director Eddie Mullins' first effort, and I'm intrigued. Leo Fitzpatrick, the villain from Kids, is one of the wandering duo. I liked Justin Rice, the more hipsterish of the two, as well.

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