The Angry Birds Movie

2016 animated fecal matter

Rating: 7/20 (Buster: 20/20 [She also rated the end credits separately and gave those a 20/20]; Jen: 13/20)

Plot: Flightless birds slingshot themselves at ramshackle fortresses built by green pigs.

I hated every minute of this movie. It's vile.

There's a scene in which an eagle urinates into some water that the birds were just swimming in and drinking up, and I don't want to sound like a prude or anything, but the scene goes on for around five minutes. That's five minutes of alternating shots of a yellow stream of urine between an eagle's legs and shots of the birds with disgusted faces on their countenances. I'm not sure if that bothered me as much as some of the cheep puns though.

Did you catch that cheap pun of my own? I swear on the life of this blog that it was more clever than anything in this movie.

Avoid this, and don't let your children watch it on their own either. They might like it because they don't know any better, but there are other movies for them to see that don't have extended scenes of urinating eagles or lines like "pluck my life."

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