Bad Movie Club: Halloween Puppy

2012 Decoteau joint

Bad Movie Rating: 3/5 (Fred: 2/5; Libby: no rating; Josh: 3/5; Kristen: 3/5)

Rating: 2/20

Plot: Kids playing with a spell book accidentally turn Eric Roberts into a puppy. They have to find a Brady daughter to help turn him back into Eric Roberts, much to the chagrin of the world.

David Decoteau, of A Talking Cat?!? infamy, directed yet another talking animal gem between gay porn videos. Well, actually it's his alter-ego--Mary Crawford.

How's this for a confusing dvd cover:

That's right--that's the same movie except it has a different title and features a dog that looks nothing like the dog in the movie. But you can't beat that tagline: "Unleash the Impawsible" is solid.

This features the same house and the same Kristine DeBell as A Talking Cat?!?, but it's got a slightly-more-sober Eric Roberts and therefore just isn't as entertaining. Yes, that's despite an appearance of Susan Olsen, Cindy Brady herself. She's playing Ozzy Osbourne in this movie.

Roberts sure is enthusiastic. Look no further than a scene where he licks doughnut icing from his fingers. I'm pretty sure he practiced that in a mirror before the scene, thinking, "Yeah, and they say Julia's the talented one in this family. Look at how cool this licking looks. That's right, Eric Roberts. You're the man! You're the fucking man!" My favorite part might be where he, as a dog, says, "That's the stuff," in response to Kristine DeBell fondling him during one of the dozen or so scenes where Kristen DeBell fondles him. The closing credits--credits that last at least ten minutes and are more slowly paced than this movie, not an easy feat--is interrupted with outtakes of DeBell rolling around in the grass with that Halloween or Magic Puppy depending on which credits you believe, so you have to believe that Decoteau filmed about 70 hours of that.

Worse than Eric Roberts--but without the star power? Two bullies played by Lucas Adams and Ryan Greco, likely future stars in a Decoteau-directed gay porn extravaganza. They're not convincing as bullies, and I'd even make the claim that they're not convincing as actual human beings.

To be honest, Decoteau and company should be given a lot of credit for putting together a movie this good in the three days they likely spent writing, scouting locations, hiring actors, and shooting the thing.

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