Bad Movie Club: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

1997 sequel

Bad Movie Rating: 4/5 (Mark: 3/5; Fred: 3/5; Libby: no rating; Josh: 4/5)

Rating: 5/20

Plot: Not sure, but I think it's almost the exact same plot as Masters of the Universe.

I can't remember the last time I saw a movie where special effects completely overwhelmed everything else. It's like they made a bunch of scrambled eggs--eggs that don't really taste that good because they've got an incomprehensible story, terrible acting, and laughable fight choreography--and then dumped forty pounds of salt and pepper all over them, so much salt and pepper that you have to dig your way through it all just to find the egg part. You get CGI characters flipping all over the place, the most ridiculous dragon thing ever, lots of computer-animated portals, and some of the grossest backgrounds you're likely to see, and everything else just drowns inside it all. I'm not sure there's a making-of documentary for this movie, but I'm pretty sure it would reveal that it was the product of A.I. as some sort of first step in a Terminator-esque takeover. Combined with that aforementioned terrible fight choreography--often an assault on physics--this is loads of fun for about 43 minutes. Then, it sort of starts to wear you out, and you start to wonder if you watched this in 7-D and were kicked in the head by a plastic robot ninja or something.

I am not familiar with the game these movies are based on at all, but I did see the first movie and have heard that the characters in this--including a hot four-armed woman and a goofy centaur--are all from the game. That first movie was pretty dull. I just remember a bunch of human characters fighting in a tournament on an island or something. This movie looks like what happens when people decide to take every character in the Mortal Kombat [sic] franchise and every idea for those characters that anybody has ever had, chew them up really well, and then spit the results onto film. What you won't criticize this movie for is having a shortage of ideas. No, this is one of those movies with far too many ideas, and the fact that very few of them are any good shouldn't stop you from appreciating the 80's kid creativity that went into this work of fart.

I'd recommend this as a good-bad movie for those of you with the stomach to take it. It is a bit of an endurance test, however.

I have to go now. A new Bad Movie Club is ready to start.

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