Bad Movie Club (That Time Forgot): Run Run Bunny!

2003 movie

Bad Movie Rating: 1/5 (Amy: 1/5; Josh: 3/5; Kristen: 1/5; Fred: 0/5; Libby: Was she there?; Mark: didn't start, mad because we weren't watching something involving ALF)

Rating: 4/20

Plot: I don't remember although, to be fair to my memory, I'm not sure I ever really knew what was going on in this movie.

Animal rights activists would be pissed if they knew about this movie, but luckily for them, they never will. Having "Bunny" in the name of this movie is cruelty to rabbits.

I had completely forgotten about this movie, probably repressed the memory of watching this movie. All I remember is that it's one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. I know that suprises you after getting a glimpse of that poster up there, but it's true. This is just an ugly movie.

We were supposed to watch something with David Hasselhoff, but it wouldn't work for us unfortunately. Anything would have been less painful than this.

I wish I would have remembered to forget about this movie.

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