Bad Movie Club: Singh Is Kinng

2008 Bollywood action comedy

Bad Movie Rating: 1/5 (Libby: 3/5; Fred: 4/5; Josh: didn't make it; Johnny: didn't make it; Ozzy: also didn't make it)

Rating: 10/20

Plot: Singh, the village buffoon, becomes Kinng after a hilarious and musical series of misadventures.

Fellow Bad Movie Clubbers wanted to recapture the magic of Bollywood classic Gunda, but we were all more confused than amused. Inexplicably, Snoop Dogg pops in during the credits to rap about what he thought the movie was about after fast-forwarding through it. Diamonds on his toes, women bringing him grapes, saying "What up" to all the ladies hanging out in Mumbai. Other than that, this is exactly what you'd imagine a movie from India to be like if you've had people tell you about them but haven't seen any. That's not a good thing.

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