Time Travel Movie Fest: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

2015 sequel

Rating: 6/20

Plot: Three-fourths of the characters from the first movie have to dig up their hot tub time machine in order to travel to the future and solve a mystery.

This movie shouldn't have happened. There's a simple equation Hollywood needs to learn:

Successful first movie featuring Crispin Glover - Crispin Glover = really poor sequel

Need an example? Back to the Future - Crispin Glover = Back to the Future II

Actually, now I'm wondering if that just works for time travel movies.

This meanders, steering straight for gross-outs and boner humor. It's never funny once, the characters aren't likable, and even though you've got no idea what's going on, it still somehow manages to be predictable. I'm not sure why I watched it, but I'm pretty sure this ends the Time Travel Movie Fest in the same way Little Man ended my "Man" movie streak.

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