Bad Movie Club: The Stabilizer

1986 Indonesian action film

Bad Movie Rating: 3/5 (Fred: 1.5/5; Jeremy: no rating: Johnny: no rating; Josh: fell asleep)

Rating: 5/20

Plot: The Stabilizer searches for the evil Greg Rainmaker, a guy with cleats.

This movie has more barrels than I've ever seen in one movie.

It's a really dumb action movie, but Indonesia's got a way to make their dumb action movies seem like outsider art. There are explosions, cleat-stomping sequences, a guy who looks like Mr. T, barrels, motorcycles bouncing off guys' skulls, Batman-TV-show-inspired evil plots, a little romance, and more barrels. Fred complained that this was 15 minutes of plot and 90 minutes of "gun/kung-fu/motorcycle/knife fighting," but I question where he found 15 minutes of plot and wonder if 90 minutes of "gun/kung-fu/motorcycle/knife fighting" is even a bad thing. I think I'm getting dumber as a movie fan as I get older.

Peter OBrian plays the title hero. His perm has no business being in an action movie. I'm interested in The Intruder, another Indonesian action movie in which his character is called Rambu. And speaking of Rambo, which I almost did, my favorite part of this movie might be the picture of O'Brian that is hanging in either his or his girlfriend's bedroom:

Reminiscent of a poster for another bad movie, isn't it?

Well, Sly isn't wearing a see-through shirt unfortunately.

It's possible that this is a better bad movie than I'm giving it credit for. Bad Movie Night was riddled with technical difficulties for me, and the movie was oft-interrupted by buffering.

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