Hotel Transylvania

2012 cartoon

Rating: 12/20 (Buster: 20/20)

Plot: Dracula's got his own secluded hotel where fellow monsters can't take refuge from dangerous humans. Friends father at Hotel Transylvania to celebrate his daughter Mavis's birthday. She's ready to explore outside the confines of her home, but her overprotective father doesn't want her to. When a human boy stumbles onto the premises, he threatens to disrupt his plans.

All I want to say is that I was surprised that this was directed by Genndy Tartokovsky, the guy who did Samurai Jack, one of my favorite things ever. I would have likely seen this way before I did if I had known that. I didn't care for it. Nothing about it--the characters, the story, the visual gags--went anywhere you wouldn't have expected them to go. It was simultaneously bland and annoying.

Buster liked it though. She's probably more articulate than I am, so here are her thoughts:

"Hotel Transylvania was the best thing in the world because there were vampires in it. I liked the part where she flied [sic]. I liked the part where the person came in the house. I liked when the monsters came in the house. I liked the sand part where the mummy slid down the sand thing. [Spoiler Alert!] I liked when he was smoking. The vampire bat, the girl's dad.

I liked the movie."

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