2015 action comedy

Rating: 12/20 (Jen: 14/20; Emma: 15/20)

Plot: A CIA analyst goes undercover in the field to uncover a terrorist plot after her partner dies. And that's hilarious because she's plump.

I don't think Jason Statham has a single line in this movie where he doesn't stress some variation of the F-word. I actually don't know anything about Statham. I've seen him in Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (a while ago) and the Fast and Furious movies he's been in, but I've never seen the Transporter movies. I think I've actually seen him in more movies where he's lampooning his the typical characters he'd play than in movies where he's taking things seriously. I thought he was funny in this. I actually laughed a few times during this, but I thought the writing was a little too easy. These modern comedies seem like they could almost write themselves. I got a little tired of the characters and the story, but those were all excuses for slapstick comedy and one-liners anyway.

Melissa McCarthy is the Roseanne Barr of my generation.


cory said...

I liked this much more than I was expecting, mainly because I haven't been able to stand McCarthy in anything she has done since "Gilmore Girls". I liked that she wasn't the passive butt of jokes or embarrassment in this. She is smart, and shoves the inevitable insults immediately back at anyone, usually in a surprisingly vulgar way. The Barr thing is close, but this character has more optimism, much more energy, and less snide. The way the film played with the spy genre was fresh, Law and Janney were fun, and I laughed quite a bit. A 15.

Shane said...

I think you're right. I'm off with that Barr comparison which is likely completely unfair. MM is more likable, more versatile, and funnier.