The Dudesons Movie

2006 stunt comedy extravaganza

Rating: 12/20

Plot: Finnish jackasses try to kill themselves by performing various stunts, all while cracking themselves up.

This is Jackass-esque, but it lacks the charm. There's nothing unlikable about this quartet of stunt guys, and this does have its moments, especially for fans of their American brethren. So much of this feels like a lengthy advertisement to their television series though, and you have to wade through a lot of stunt set-ups and gags that feel half-baked or don't really work at all. I guess there is a certain charm to watching a group of guys take a lot of time to set up a ramp to jump a car over a barn only to have the car slide off the side of the ramp instead, but most of what these guys do just feels so minor. There are funny moments. They harass a poor neighbor (Mr. Hitler) in ways that makes me hope he's really in on the joke. In one bit, they claim that one of them overreacted after a prank, hilarious since they'd actually caught the guy on fire and pushed a bookshelf on him. And when they gleefully announce, "This is our first good idea!" before accidentally burning their house down, I had to laugh. Injuries are real and often a little difficult to watch, but there's still something almost strangely touching about following these guys who very obviously have this powerful friendship. This might be worth watching for fans of Jackass, but it'll probably just make you wish you were watching those guys instead. A couple of them do make an appearance in this.

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