Bad Movie Club: Infra-Man

1975 superhero/monster movie

Bad Movie Rating: 3/5 (Johnny: 1/5; Fred: 2/5; Josh: no rating; Jeremy: no rating; Libby: 3/5)

Rating: 14/20 (This is what I gave it the first time I reviewed it, so I decided to stick with that.

Plot: Infra-Man tries to save the world from Princess Dragon Mom and her crew of mutants.

I was happy to revisit this delightfully odd movie in which the Shaw Brothers bring together the superhero genre, giant monsters, science fiction, and kung-fu. I don't really have much to add to my original write-up that is linked up there, but I am a little surprised that my Bad Movie Club colleagues didn't dig this one a little more.

Somebody should buy me Infra-Man action figures:

That second one comes complete with Thunderball Fists! You know, cause you can't roll into battle with mutants without your thunderball fists.

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