Why Stop Now

2012 comedy

Rating: 10/20

Plot: An aspiring concert pianist tries to get his mother to check into rehab but needs Tracy Morgan's help.

This was the first of five Jesse Eisenberg movies I watched in a row. Call it a mini-Eisenberg film festival if you want to. I don't even know why I watched this one, but Batman v Superman happened the next day, so I decided to get a streak going.

In this movie, Jesse Eisenberg is out-acted by a sock puppet on the hand of a little girl named Emma Rayne Lyle who can't act. Tracy Morgan plays a drug dealer named Sprinkles.

And that's really all you need to know about this movie that I'm likely going to forget that I even watched in a year or two.

But hey, is that really Eisenberg playing the piano in this thing? It certainly appears to be, but I can't believe anything I see in movies these days. The special effects have gotten too tricky. If that's him, he's pretty good.

Here's what his hair looks like in this movie. He also dons a Jesus jacket at one point. I can't be the only person who alternates between liking Eisenberg and wanting to punch this guy in the face, can I?


Anonymous said...

The little girl who acted like she had a split personality out acted an Academy Award nominated actor as the sock puppet but can't act? I saw the clip with her, the sock puppet and Tracy Morgan and Isaiah Whitlock in the truck. I thought it was hilarious. She held her own with Tracy Morgan. That's a hard thing to do. They used that clip to promote the film on David Letterman.I looked her up on IMDb. She's like 12 now. So she was like 7 in that movie and still I thought she did a great job. She was sad when she needed to and then reverted back to the the puppet when she needed to. Tracy Morgan did a pretty good job, too. He was a lot more reserved which was different. I thought Jesse needed to tone down the eyebrows and he was a little hyper. I hate the love interest "b" story and Melissa overacted a little. The Spanish drug dealer was hilarious.

I think with another edit or two it would have been better. I would have completely cut the party scene. It was too long and opened the film weird.

Shane said...

True, Eisenberg is an Oscar-nominated actor, but I just don't think the guy is always good. I'm crediting the sock puppet with the performance anyway. But you're right--she was not bad at all, especially for a child performer.

I completely agree on both the superfluous party scene and the romantic subplot.

Are you a real anonymous person or are you an anonymous person whom I know?

Anonymous said...

i hate when people use my name. what tipped you off?