The Big Short

2015 Best Picture nominee

Rating: 14/20

Plot: A bunch of guys try to take advantage of an impending financial crisis. Based on a true story.

This movie was just a little too cute. Color me underwhelmed. I liked the performances, but for the most part, every single character in this story was really hard to like. What might pass for effervescence with women in bubble baths or Selena Gomez or famous chefs giving us little economy lessons really grated on my nerves a little bit. I felt the tone was inconsistent, and a whole lot of the financial stuff really went over my head. I felt like I needed Michael Moore or somebody to help explain everything to me in his normal unbiased manner. So many characters, so many tidbits, and so many tangents made this a really messy experience.

In a way, this reminded me of The Wolf of Wall Street. Scorsese and company, however, kept me on my toes and entertained for the duration. This just perplexed and, after a while, started to bore me.

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