Bad Movie Clue: Laser Mission

1989 action movie

Bad Movie Rating: 2/5 (Fred: 2/5; Josh: 2/5; Jeremy: gave up; Libby: no rating; Johnny: technical difficulties kept him from finishing)

Rating: 6/20

Plot: Brandon Lee and a large-breasted woman have to stop people with bad Russian accents from--wait for it--succeeding in their laser mission.

Brandon Lee only acted in ten movies, and this was one of them. Between kicks and gunfire, he's got some terrible writing to wade for, but he's at least as solid as an action hero as anybody else who punched and shot people in this era. He's almost got something you might mistake for charisma. My favorite character was Manuel, played with indistinct nationality by Pierre Knoesen. I'm pretty sure he was there for comic relief. This was our second bad movie featuring Ernest Borgnine, and he and his eyebrows deliver. There's a redundant and overused theme song called "Mercenary Man" by David Knopfler, and an absurd body count. I don't like giving away endings for movies that nobody will ever see to people who aren't even reading this blog, but things almost get entertaining during the climax when the main bad guy turns out to be impossible to kill. The guy's like the Terminator or something.

The best thing about this movie is conversation we had before we started where Johnny brought up a great line of dialogue from Showdown in Little Tokyo. 

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