Frankie in Blunderland

2011 absurdist comedy

Rating: 14/20

Plot: Frankie deals with troubles with house guests, naked fairy men, a hateful wife who is eventually kidnapped,

If this reminds me of anything, it's the work of Damon Packard, the guy who did Reflections of Evil. Packard actually makes a cameo appearance as a clerk. It's the kind of movie that could probably have a cult following, but it would be a cult with fewer people than most. It's a film I enjoyed more than my rating might indicate, but the weirdness feels a little forced at times, the cheapness of the whole production distracts, and the humor is inconsistent.

However, Psychedelic effects sprinkled here and there, purposely stilted dialogue, and a stream-of-conscious plot development give the movie a unique voice. It's got the feel of something that was made pieces at a time whenever the cast all had time off from their regular, likely more boring, professions. I've not seen anything else by Caleb Emerson, the director, although he's the kind of artist who is filled with so many ideas that anything he makes might be worth watching. I guess he's worked with the Troma people, and this has that sort of humor and that sort of feel although it's a little more experimental with the narrative and general structure. This is from a screenplay by Marta Estirada, a sadly deceased gal who fronted a punk band called the Lepers.

I'm not sure if there's any satiric value with this or not. They poke fun at Mormons with an alien Mormon character, but there doesn't seem to be anything deeper than superficial fun poking. The characters froth with anger in a way that makes you wonder if there's a cynical world view buried beneath the odd humor and non sequiturs. At times, the whole thing's like an acid-soaked soap opera, so I suppose there's a possibility this has the depth of your typical soap opera as well. Regardless, it's a semi-fun ride if you're into this sort of thing.

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