Special Correspondents

2016 comedy

Rating: 10/20

Plot: Radio guys, after a mishap keeps them from traveling to South America to cover a Civil War, attempt to fake it while hiding out in New York.

Clever idea, but this just doesn't have enough to say. The chances were there, too, but opportunities to comment on the role of the media or government in these sorts of international situations are not seized. Instead, this misfires over and over. It's both not silly enough and not serious enough, and there wasn't a single time I felt like laughing.

There aren't a lot of movies that I watch and think are a complete waste of time, but the time spent with these unlikable characters should have been spent doing something else.


Barry said...

I was very disappointed in this one. The characters are not just unlikable, they are not funny and not interesting. I kind of chuckled a couple times, but otherwise this was the least entertaining thing I have ever seen Ricky Gervais do. A 6 frome me.

Shane said...

Right. Your rating is probably closer to accurate than mine is. 10 might be a little too kind.

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