2016 crazy killer movie

Rating: 10/20 (Abbey: 12/20)

Plot: A deaf writer is stalked by a psychotic murderer.

Abbey picked this movie, and I went along for the ride. I was thrown off because nothing the psychotic murderer guy did made any sense. I guess he was supposed to be cockily sadistic, but it just makes it seem like he's terrible at his job. Or hobby. Whatever it is.

There are parts of this that are well done, but making the protagonist deaf ended up being nothing more than a wasted opportunity to experiment a bit with the genre. The cat and mouse game the two central characters is lazy, and after the characters' initial interaction, it drones. There are numerous times when the story could have and probably should have ended.

I should have ended this write-up. Now I'm looking at that 10/20 rating and thinking it's way too generous. This really is a movie about a guy who can't figure out how to break a window.

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