The Transporter 2

2005 sequel

Rating: 14/20

Plot: Frank, now transporting rich kids to and from school, is thrust into nonstop action when the kid is kidnapped by bad guys with a really confusing bad guy plot.

I'm not sure if fans of the Transporter franchise would agree, but this slice of action goofiness actually surpasses its predecessor. The plot might make even less sense, and there are some special effects that take away some of the realism. And there's Matthew Modine who gives an abysmal performance. However, you get your car chase scene, and the nonstop action sequences not involving cars are fantastic. Statham uses props--most impressively, a hose--in ways that recall some of Jackie Chan's most memorable moments. The editing is hyperkinetic but somehow still in control, and it's just a lot of fun watching Jason Statham kicking and punching people. This movie also benefits by having bad guys who are a lot more interesting than the ones in the first movie. Kate Nauta plays Lola, a nasty henchwoman who, for reasons you don't have to explain to me, doesn't wear clothes. Alessandro Gassman is also good as the main bad guy.

This might have the most improbable movie moment I've ever seen when Statham's forced to remove an explosive device from the bottom of his car.

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