The Compleat Al

1985 biographical mockumentary

Rating: 10/20

Plot: A mostly-fictionalized look at the life and early career of Weird Al Yankovic.

This starts with a great parody of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar where Yankovic, perhaps too obviously, burns an accordion on stage. That's part of the magic of Weird Al though. His comedy always seems way too obvious. the stuff of idiots, but he somehow manages to make it all seem like gold. That includes about half of his songs that are about food.

Unfortunately, that opening scene is probably the highlight of the movie. I'm a fan of Weird Al and have been for a long time, but this seemed like one of the longest movies I've ever seen. It just kept going and going and going. It was almost fun seeing a lot of the old videos, but not all of those were exactly hits anyway, and the faux-biographical stuff in between got pretty tiresome after a while.

All in all, I don't even think I'd recommend this to fans. Of course, I might just be biased because of the misspelled word in the title.

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