2016 dramedy

Rating: 13/20

Plot: A glimpse at the lives of four owners of the titular wiener-dog.

I generally have mixed feelings about Todd Solondz, and he's as divisive as any filmmaker working today. His ability to show the plastic underbelly of society feels a little tired, but I think this anthology of shorts tied together by this wiener-dog works just fine. There are moments that are funny enough although I'm not sure any of it resonates emotionally. At first, it just didn't feel cohesive enough with its themes or the narrative, but it does sort of take you through the four seasons of a life with youth, young adulthood, middle age, and old age. It all almost works, but like all of Solondz's other work, there's just something distasteful about the whole thing. And not distasteful in a good way.

Welcome to the Dollhouse fans should be aware that Dawn is one of the characters in this.

The dog was really good, by the way. Much better than Keaton Nigel Cooke, the young fellow who plays the kid in the first chapters of this.

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