1989 literary comedy

Rating: 14/20

Plot: The Marquis de Sade, apparently a dog, writes dirty stories from his prison cell.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are one movie in for 2017, and we've already got ourselves a penis puppet.


Our hero also, on his member's urging, has sex with a wall. 

What should be a fascinating study of the battle between man's intellect and sexual desire is burdened by stiffness and all of this weirdness that distracts from the message. Then again, the weirdness is probably the main draw here. The characters are different animals, masked actors and animatronics, and they're all interested in kinky sex which is exactly how I like my masked characters acting. It gives the whole thing a bestialic edge though the animals are anthropomorphized. Cartoonish humor, a little claymation, the aforementioned wall sex, and the frequent conversations de Sade has with his penis Colin all contribute to the weirdness. 

I like movies like this that manage to be pornographic, or at least depraved, without being the least bit arousing. Meet the Feebles would be another one. 

At this point, I hope every movie I watch in 2017 has a talking penis in it. 

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Anonymous said...

how did i not know about this movie? did you check this out from library?, youtube?