1983 crime drama

Rating: 15/20

Plot: The rise and fall--[Spoiler Alert] a literal fall!--of Tony Montana, a white guy pretending to be a Cuban guy.

As an aspiring rapper, I had to watch this nearly three-hour movie. Pacino's as electric as always even when I don't quite buy the accent. You just can't take your eyes off the guy though.

I don't think I like this movie as much as other rap superstars, but I feel the need to give it a semi-high rating to avoid losing street cred.


cory said...

I need to see this again. Pacino went into full scene-chewing mode and was amazing to watch. I remember how shocked the younger me was by the brutal violence, especially the chainsaw scene. It would be interesting to see how desensitized I have become in the decades since. A 15.

Shane said...

I'd wager that it's not going to seem shocking at all to the older you.