The Edukators


Rating: 11/20

Plot: Three pretentious revolutionaries show their disgust for capitalism by breaking into the homes of the rich, rearranging all of the furniture and decor without stealing anything, and leaving a note saying "Your days of plenty are numbered." Their relationships become strained when one break-in leads to a kidnapping.

Aside from misspelling the title of the movie, this started out fine with security shots of one of those horrible rich family's homes before the aforementioned horrible rich family arrives home to discover that their stuff has been shuffled. The interior shots of staked chairs and porcelain figurines in the toilet, almost like dadaist art, are funny. From there, unfortunately, it's downhill. A bloated movie with dialogue that felt like it was being delivered from a pulpit instead of from characters in a film. I enjoyed the parts of the movie that were about the relationships of the three characters, even when those become a bit convoluted, but all the "We say we want a revolution, well, you know, we all want to change the world" stuff was pretty draining. None of the characters grew on me although I did think two of them were really attractive. The direction was too modern and too sure of itself, but there's some beautiful nature happening (and it's shot very well) when they retreat to one of the character's uncle's cabins. With a softer hand, this could have bordered on great.

Note: Apparently an American remake of this is planned.

I survived an unfortunate spoon-to-the-eye mishap and made it to the end of this lengthy film:

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