Mamma Roma

1962 Italian Drama

Rating: 13/20

Plot: A middle-aged prostitute retires after she saves enough money to buy a fruit stand and a house in order to give her son a better life. It doesn't work.

This was bleak and dull. Anna Magnani was at times very powerful in the role as the title character and at other times a little too melodramatic and distracting. The black and white cinematography added to the bleakness--a run-down Rome and long stretches of dialogue while the characters walked perpetually toward the camera. The movie lacked style and the characters lacked depth needed to make me really care about them all that much. Maybe I'm just callous.

Here are Lucy and I making out during a particularly boring scene:


winter rates said...

i'm not quite understanding your beard in this photo. could you clarify for me?

john lurie's commentary on an old john lurie interview on the Down By Law bonus disc. 9.9.

Shane said...

For the longest time, every dream I remembered (as you know, that's a rarity for me) involved either Sears Tower or me growing strange facial hair, generally long strands growing in random spots on my face very rapidly.

I don't know how to explain why it looks like a dog is growing from my face. It's completely natural, however.

Lurie does commentary on an interview featuring himself?

winter rates said...

yes he does.