Paris, je t'aime

2006 romantic thing

Rating: 15/20 (Jen: 16/20)

Plot: 18 directors spit out short snippets about love and lonliness in Paris.

Another movie with a mime! Hot cha!

I expected this to be hit and miss with such a collection of directors, some whom I didn't even know, but there were a lot of hits here--the humor of the Coens' segment with Buscemi, Chomet's mime assault, the touching final short with a woman narrating her story in French with a terrible accent, and the one with the dying guy and the nurse were my favorites. Oh, and the one with the woman in the red trenchcoat. Surprisingly, there were only a couple that I disliked (Wes Craven's, although it was beautiful to look at, and the one that seemed to take place in Chinatown) and one that I absolutely hated--an out-of-place bit of emo cheese trash with a vampire. I'd have to see a list, but I believe there was some order to the madness with stories about meeting and falling in love leading to stories about love leading to stories about love ending or threatening to end. I'm not sure how consistent that was though. Really enjoyable series of romantic blasts nevertheless, interestingly filled with mostly dialogue but still appealing to people with short attention spans.

Jen and I watching Paris, je t'aime:

She hated both the mimes and vampires. How's that for an idea, by the way? A mime vampire movie? I don't see why that wouldn't work!

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