Urine Couch AM Movie Club: Galaxy Quest

1999 sci-fi comedi

Rating: n/r

Plot: A group of washed-up actors from a Star Trek-esque cult favorite keep themselves busy on the convention circuit or the grand openings of shopping malls. Which reminds me: when I was a kid, the Lone Ranger came to the grand opening of a car dealership in Terre Haute, Indiana, and my parents took me to see him. It was exciting because I knew who the Lone Ranger was and everything. Unfortunately, because of some contract dispute or something else that my young mind couldn't comprehend, he was not allowed to wear his mask. He still had the rest of his costume on; he just couldn't wear the trademark mask. So he had dark sunglasses on instead. It was the first time in my life that I thought anything was "gay," and I let him know that to his face. But anyway, I digress. These characters are grabbed by aliens who think their television show is documentary footage and recruited to help them in their fight against some other aliens.

This viewing was oft-interrupted by costumers who needed things, including a masculine women who had "a piece of metal in [her] hand" and was loopy on the pain pills. Good cast including, surprisingly, Tim Allen. I thought Alan Rickman was very funny, and I liked Sigourney Weaver playing sexy. I suppose a lot of guys and extraterrestrials would which is probably why they've got her boobs front and center on the poster there. And the two bald green alien noggins which mirror them or add balance or whatever. The story's also cute. But nothing really grabbed me in this one, and I thought the actual space scenes looked pretty stupid, so I really have no desire to give this a proper viewing. To me, the whole thing felt like a waste of that good idea and good cast. Like I said, however, I didn't really watch it because of a person who couldn't figure out how to get a Snickers out of the vending machine or needed a working telephone at four in the morning. What do you think? Should I give it another go some time?


cory said...

Maybe, but it is really made for Star Trek fans. I agree the cast is very good, and it is pleasantly entertaining, but it kind of felt like it was made on the cheap. Ideal for a Saturday afternoon when you have 90 minutes to kill, I would give it a 15.

Barry said...

Its a fun movie for Trek fans. It surprised me with how it tried to stay in the rather outlandish plot and was true to itself from beginning to end.

However if you are not, at least, a minor level Trek fan, a lot of the movies more clever parts will be lost on you.

I liked it enough to give it a 16. Nice diversion.

Matt Snell said...

Hey, have you seen Troll Hunter? It's not going to redefine cinema, but it's clever and fun. The premise is that the Norwegian government is involved in a vast conspiracy to conceal the existence of trolls from the public, until a film crew stumbles upon the titular Troll Hunter. Worth a rent if you're in the mood for a horror comedy or want to see the Blair-Witchy thing done right.

No connection to Galaxy Quest, of course.

Shane said...

Never heard of 'Troll Hunter,' Matt, but I am a sucker for that found footage genre. I always rate those movies too high.

(See 'Cloverfield' review if you need evidence.)

I'll have to see if I can find it.

Kairow said...


This is one of only two Tim Allen films I enjoy. The other being "Big Trouble."

This has a great cast and is a lot of fun. Yes, being a level 56 nerd adds to my enjoyment.
Also yes, you should try to re-watch it.

BTW, I have Trollhunter, but have not seen it yet.

Shane said...

Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Toy Story 3

Barry said...

Cartoons arent real movies.

Kairow said...

Agreed. Cartoons are not films.

It's the Pixar Gambit.

Cartoon voice acting alone is greater than or equal to the sum ablity of an actor in a film they star in on film.

Examples include Craig T Nelson, Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Varney, and Tim F@*&ing Allen.

(Sorry, I'm just ashamed I forgot the Toy Story movies)