Bad Movie Club: Dreamaniac

1986 horror movie

Bad Movie Rating: 2/5 (Mark: didn't finish; Fred: 2/5; Jeremy: 3/5; Kandi: 3/5; Josh: fell asleep)

Rating: 6/20

Plot: A succubus takes advantage of a sucky heavy metal wannabe at a party that also sucks. Everything sucks.

Mark asked for David DeCoteau and then skiddooed after some internet difficulties. That makes four DeCoteau movies which makes him the director who we've BMC'd the most.

The story's borderline incomprehensible, but there's some nudity and gore and a really stupid twist ending. My favorite part of the entire thing was the frequent shots of four bags of Quaker Oats on top of a refrigerator. I know it's very likely accidental product placement, but it certainly was effective because I immediately starting online shopping for a Quaker hat that night.

I'm putting Quaker hat on my Christmas list.

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