Silent Saturday: Destiny

1921 drama

Rating: 17/20

Plot: After Death comes along and tries to take her husband, a woman is given three opportunities to save him.

Bernhard Goetzke's portrayal of Death in this reminded me of Kinski, probably because of his stare. He's got a Kinski-esque stare. His first scene, a stranger wandering into a quiet town, is so good--menace incarnate, mostly a black silhouette with a threatening hat brim.

The bulk of this is made up of three stories where the lady tries to save her husband. One's got a Persian setting, one takes place in Italy during the Renaissance, and one is set in China. Lang's showing off a bit with some ingenious special effects and camera work, and there are some tremendous visuals that give this a modern feel.

Both Alfred Hitchcock and Luis Bunuel were influenced by this movie.

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