David Brent: Life on the Road

2016 musical comedy

Rating: 12/20

Plot: The boss from The Office (the British one, not the superior American version) takes a stab at a career as a rock 'n' roll front man. As expected, it doesn't go very well.

This is really a sequel to The Office, and if you like that, you'll at least not think this was a complete waste of time. It's humorous enough, but you kind of get the point early and then have to sit through a lot of the same ideas with slightly different wrinkles. Gervais has a way of combining low-brow comedy with genuine emotion, but I've always thought it worked a lot better in the television series (The Office, Derek) than in the feature-length films. Really, asking the audience to feel sorry for a protagonist who really is sort of a jerk is a lot, and I think that might be where this movie ultimately fails. That, and the songs aren't very good. I can't even really remember any of them except for the one about Native Americans.

See it, I suppose, if you like the series, but don't set your expectations very high.

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