Silent Saturday: A Dog's Life

1918 comedic two-reeler

Rating: 16/20

Plot: A dog helps Charlie Chaplin's Tramp character get laid.

Ok, maybe watching a short for Silent Saturday is cheating. My apologies if any of you are offended. Or maybe I should apologize if any of you IS offended.

The dog in this is wonderful. "Scraps" is played by Mut, a dog who apparently liked Chaplin so much that he died of a broken heart a few weeks after the two were separated. That sounds like legitimate information which is good because I don't deal in "fake news" on this blog.

This movie's very funny. As much as I like silent movies, I can't say that I usually laugh out loud while watching them. This one had me laughing more than once, a better record than most modern comedies.

I'm not sure if this is on the blog or not. I'd look it up and link a previous, likely poorly-written review to this poorly-written review, but I'm a little lazy.

Did Chaplin have any swings and misses from 1918 until the end of his career? I can't think of any.

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