Kubo and the Two Strings

2016 animated feature

Rating: 15/20

Plot: A one-eyed orphaned street musician battles evil spirits with the help of a monkey and Matthew McConaughey.

Beautiful stop-motion animation in a brave story about a brave kid. The humor doesn't really work all that well. I could have done without that, especially since it was probably more directed at kids while at the same time being in a movie that is probably too perplexing for kids.

I like that animation studios are taking risks with stories that are very cultural. This really isn't an Americanized version of this sort of thing at all.


cory said...

I can't say much for the logic behind the plot, but I really enjoyed the visual style and different cultural perspective. The ending was less than satisfying, but overall, I enjoyed spending time with this movie more than I thought I would. A 15

Shane said...

Yeah, the plot was so non-Hollywood, not afraid to go full-cultural. It wasn't always in a good way, but it was definitely risky.