Black Mass

2015 gangster movie

Rating: 12/20

Plot: Bostonian crime boss Whitey Bulger becomes an FBI informant and uses that relationship for even more crime bossery.

I don't connect with these gangster movies as easily as everybody else seems to, but this one really had a tough time keeping my attention. It's a movie that might have had a stand-out moment or two, but I can't remember any of them a few days after watching this. It's nice to see Johnny Depp play an actual human being for once, I guess, although Bulger definitely has his quirks. Actually, I didn't care for Depp's performance all that much. The rest of this is a sort of paint-by-numbers mob movie, and you get the impression that the Whitey Bulger story is both inflated and watered-down for Hollywood consumption at the same time.

I definitely felt all two hours and three minutes of this one.

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