The Last Witch Hunter

2015 fantasy movie

Rating: 9/20

Plot: Vin Diesel hunts down and fights witches.

Vin Diesel gets his D&D on, and I hoped he had fun because I sure didn't. This bulges with gross special effects and dark cinematography, and although there is some comic relief, the vibe remained humorless. Vin Diesel runs around like a burly and punchier Sherlock Holmes. Witches shriek and growl. There's some sort of giant spider thing. The story is largely incoherent although that could definitely be my fault since I turned my brain off about fifteen minutes into this thing.

I will not watch a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter. I will watch any Fast & Furious/Witch Hunter crossover movies though.

This movie did have more gummy bear trees, butterflies, and cupcakes than I would have guessed.

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