The Armour of God 2: Operation Condor

1991 sequel to a movie I haven't watched

Rating: 13/20

Plot: Jackie Chan races bad guys to find Nazi gold in the Sahara desert.

No, I haven't seen the first in this Jackie-Chan-gets-his-Indiana-Jones-on series, but I was in the mood for a Jackie Chan movie. It was hard to stick in there during the first half of the movie. Action sequences, the same sorts of creatively cartoonish ones you'd expect in one of Jackie Chan's movies, are sprinkled throughout, but it's hard to connect with the characters, good or bad. The lengthy climactic fight sequence makes the whole thing worth it, however, as Chan and others take advantage of the subterranean sets with brilliant choreographed kicks to the head. The big payoff is with some wind tunnel hijinks, but I preferred most of the fighting that led up to that. The last 30 minutes are definitely a lot of fun and definitely quenched my Jackie Chan thirst.

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