In the Loop

2009 political satire

Rating: 16/20 (Jen: 16/20)

Plot: Inept officials and news spinners work to prevent a world war.

I don't know the BBC show (The Thick of It) this spins off from, but that didn't affect my enjoyment of it. There's so much dark hilarity packed into this movie and its characters, that I almost feel like watching it again. There's a bleak breeziness that put a frightened smile on my face.

My favorite comedies, I think, are ones that manage to be so smart and completely juvenile at the same time. This combination of verbal slapstick and biting satire, such great lines delivered by a great ensemble cast, really hit the spot.


cory said...

I saw this. I liked this. I can't remember a single thing about this. This almost made my top 10 that year, and I would give it a 16, as such, but it is weird than nothing stuck seven years later. I need to see it again as soon as possible to explain why such a good movie could leave no memory. Weird.

Shane said...

You've inspired a list. I'm going to make a list of the top-ten films that I really liked (sometimes even really loved!) that I couldn't tell you a thing about a couple years later. I have a terrible memory. And that means that I'll actually forget that I mentioned ever making a list like this.