2006 anime

Rating: 13/20

Plot: Young Black and White (Kuro and Shiro, actually) fight off yakuza trying to take over Treasure Town.

Likely worth the price of admission--in my case, no cost at all since I watched this in a dvd player in my home--the Treasure Town built by a combination of computer animation and hand-drawn stuff is something else. There's an amazing attention to detail, the landscape just stuffed with things to see. If I liked the movie's story or characters better, this would be something I'd be willing to watch again just to soak in more of those details.

Other than vaguely remembering that the scenery was at times stunning, I'm not going to remember much about this. The story was simultaneously simple and difficult to follow, if that makes sense, and none of the characters were very interesting. I just never could get into this one.

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