Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

2007 incoherent blockbuster

Rating: 8/20 (Dylan: 7/20)

Plot: Pirate Jack Sparrow and his swashbuckling peers, following the success of the first pirate movies--Pirates of the Caribbean: Not Just a Disney World Ride and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Search for Keira Knightley's Booty--decide that they can fit more gold pieces on their ship, so they throw a script together and make another film. Glub glub.

Anybody got some Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End cliffnotes? I couldn't follow what the hell was going on in this movie. I tried to stop caring and just watch the pretty pictures and the action sequences, but after a while, those got boring. Whereas the second movie still managed to be entertaining and keep the charms and rhythms of that first pirate movie while not being nearly as good, this one is completely drained of charm, is meandering to the point where it might as well not have a plot at all, and just isn't much fun. I like a few of sexiest-man-ever Johnny Depp's lines and the costumes and effects are just as good as in the other movies, but the incoherent action scenes go on for far too long, the characters have no room to grow, and story winds up feeling strangely unresolved, and it felt like I was being pounded on the head by the movie's score. If the geniuses at Disney can't figure out a way to give me my 7 1/2 hours back, they can at least make it up to me by allowing me to hit Orlando Bloom with a sock full of doubloons.

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