Pulp Fiction

1994 Buddy Holly biopic

Rating: 20/20 (Jen: 16/20)

Plot: Four intertwining stories in one--Hit men Vincent and Jules fetch boss Marcellus's briefcase which very obviously contains nothing but radioactive tapioca pudding; Vincent shows Marcellus's wife Mia a good time and helps her win a dance contest; boxer Butch, paid to lose a fight by knockout in the fifth, changes his mind and decides to run off with the money instead; and two small-time crooks decide to rob a restaurant.

Is there a two and a half hour film that is this consistently entertaining from beginning to end? It's been fifteen years, so this can safely be given classic status. Lively, audacious, glossy storytelling, this movie just shimmers. The characters are so great. Credit the actors, of course, but the dialogue they're given also sparkles. Pulp Fiction has more great scenes than a movie should legally be allowed to have, the kind of scenes that just pop into your head randomly when you're mowing the grass or standing in line at a gas station. I love how Tarantino creates this world where there's really nothing unfamiliar (and in fact, so much is plundered from other pop culture sources) yet it still seems like a completely fresh place you've never been before.


cory said...

Tarantino may be a geeky tool, but this movie is pure genius. I saw it when it came out and sat through a second showing immediately because it was so unique and brilliant I had to get my head around it.

Almost every line of dialogue has weight and originality. The characters leap off the screen. The structure of the film is as creative and unique as any I have seen. The humor is often as black as it is hilarious and every song on the soundtrack is perfect. Travolta and Jackson are one of the best duos in film history, and the film has a dozen scenes that are unforgettable. "Pulp Fiction" is electric and one of the best and most original movies ever. It amazes me how many poeple don't like or get it (I guess it makes sense that most are women), but for me it is in my top 15 and I also give it a 20.

winter rates said...



i just rewatched Tannenbaums, and I think I gave it 23/20

wait, cory too, a trifecta of 20/20's!

Shane said...

I wonder what other movies would get 20/20 from everybody who reads this blog.

Although "anonymous" wouldn't give 'Pulp Fiction' a 20. And neither did my wife. Abbey probably would, but she doesn't read the blog.

cory said...

It's too bad there isn't a way to figure out all of your 20's. Maybe something like a list. Perhaps an all-time movie list.

Shane said...

Speaking of lists (and especially your new top-500 [!] list), what would the rating be for #500? And what is #500? I suppose I could see the list at Christmas time, but I'm dying to know what movie will be knocked out when you get around to seeing that new Twilight movie...

cory said...

Number 500 is Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt". I might as well bump it right now since I just know that "Twilight" flick will jump to the top. That Pattison (Patterson?) guy is just soooo dreamy.

The breakdown is:
20- #1-78 ("The Right Stuff")
19- #79-176 ("Dead of Night")
18- #177-328 ("Withnail and I"- yes, I saw it, partly because you mentioned it once... it's great)
17- #329-600?

Shane said...

I may have mentioned 'Withnail and I' but I know WR mentioned it a long time ago when I asked about movies that you guys loved but that a lot of people haven't seen.