College Road Trip

2008 comedy

Rating: 5/20

Plot: Overly protective and loving father Martin Lawrence goes on a college road trip with his daughter, one of the kids on The Cosby Show. It's annoying!

File this in the "Forced to Watch Against My Will" category. Very derivative, predictable comedy that I'm frankly shocked to find out came out in 2008. It's got the feel of a 60's Disney comedy. I kept waiting for Hayley Mills to show up and start crunk dancing. Color-by-numbers comedy that is made more obnoxious by some performers who decided to take their characters beyond quirky and well into annoyingly unrealistic. And nowhere near funny. I protested this choice of school movie (it followed a field trip) but nobody listens to me. Me! A guy with his own movie blog and an impeccable history of rating movies! Oh, well. Screw 'em!

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Anonymous said...

that sounded a little bitter. i'll let you pick my next movie if it makes you feel better. "Thats so raven". afraid you owe her $1000 in royalties for that.