1975 monster movie

Rating: 2/20 (Jen: -1/20)

Plot: A bitter and insane scientist, Dr. Leopold, transforms himself into a "walking catfish" in order to get revenge on colleagues who doubted his ideas. He also wants to team up with other aquatic beings in order to take over the world.

The first fifteen minutes of this is just footage of a tired looking dopey scientist shuffling about, occasionally twiddling with knobs. We get to hear his thoughts which barely make sense. We also get to hear his Vincent Price-esque evil laugh which begs the question--do actual evil scientists really stop their thoughts to laugh evil laughs in their heads? The remaining seventy-five minutes or so of the movie is a ratty-looking sea monster shuffling around, occasionally twiddling with knobs. The soundtrack of this movie consists of one obnoxiously repetitive moog synthesizer dick-around after another. Seriously, I could have spent a couple hours with a moog and come up with a very similar soundtrack. For a while, this was in the so-bad-it's-entertaining camp, but by the end of this, it felt as if somebody had repeatedly slapped my brain. I did laugh nearly every time somebody died in this horror film. That's usually not a very good sign. There is some really nice (stock?) footage of sea creatures. Of course, there's also the filmmakers' sorry excuse for a killer sea creature:

For reasons I can't explain, I felt filthy after watching this movie and required a hot shower. If you're looking for this atrocity, it does have alternate titles including Attack of the Swamp Creatures (even though there is only a single attacking swamp creature in the movie), Blood Waters of Dr. Z, and Hydra. Like all movies that contend for the title "Worst Movie Ever Made," nobody associated with the making of this film was ever allowed to work in the movie industry again.

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