2006 zombie comedy

Rating: 11/20

Plot: Following a living person vs. zombies war, a company called Zombiecore creates technology that domesticates the dead, giving middle class families the chance to own zombies as pets or slaves. The Robinsons get themselves a zombie even though Dad isn't happy with the purchase, and little friendless and frequently bullied Timmy finds not only a bodyguard but a new best friend. Until it starts devouring the neighbors.

The best thing I can say about this is that it was very colorful. I liked the contrast between the shiny happy 1950s colors and the deadness of the zombies. It's a fun juxtaposition. Pretty much everything else about this movie annoyed me. An oppressive score, a lousy script, flat humor, and an underlying triteness made this impossible for me to sit through in one sitting. In fact, I watched this movie in nineteen installments. It fails as a comedy and it fails as a zombie movie. This really seemed like something Tim Burton would involve himself with and was about as good as most of his movies, too. Was Billy Connelly, whose performance ranged from ecstatic grunting to low-key grunting, nominated for best supporting actor for this one? It might get my vote for the most moving zombie performance of all time.

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