Bad Movie Club: Exterminator City

2005 sci-fi serial killer comedy

Bad Movie Rating: 3/5 (Josh: no rating, but he didn't seem to enjoy it; Johnny: 1/5)

Rating: 4/20

Plot: In a future inhabited by only robots and large-breasted women who can't find their shirts, a detective and a doctor try to solve the mystery of who is behind the brutal murders of a bunch of those large-breasted women.

This is one bizarre movie, mostly because of its redundancy. A pattern is established, and except for a couple wacky and trippy glimpses inside the antagonist's damaged robot mind, that pattern is staunchly stuck to. The pattern:

--Show a woman with large breasts doing the typical things shirtless women do in their houses--brush their hair, stare at themselves in mirrors, etc.
--Enter lurking robot who stabs, saws, bludgeons, etc.
--Shot of a futuristic building in this perpetual rain and a flying match-box car
--Conversation between two jive-talking robots

And then repeat. It's a relentless, hallucinatory, and often even painful pattern. I'm a heterosexual male who happens to enjoy looking at female breasts, but by the midway point in this movie, I was tired of them. You know the director--Clive Cohen, who apparently hasn't been allowed to make any more movies since Exterminator City--not only loves breasts, gore, and robots but decided a combination of breasts, gore, and robots would be perfect for a movie. His budget was very low, and this seems like it could have been a student film. I guess you have to commend Mr. Cohen for managing to get so many porn stars on board for the thing. Cohen might have talent as some of this is visually interesting and the tie-in to religion is almost interesting, but here, he doesn't show any ability to tell a coherent story, pace action, direct actors, or keep the audience from slowly going insane, and those are all things that filmmakers should probably be able to do.

I wonder if this movie breaks the record for including nudity so quickly after an opening reference to a Bible verse. There were nipples about 6 seconds in.

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