Murmur of the Heart

1971 coming-of-age movie

Rating: 17/20

Plot: The touching tale of love between a mother and her youngest son.

Louis Malle really couldn't do wrong, could he? This has the feel of a European coming-of-age story, but it develops into something a little more taboo. And then the way that moment, something that should be shocking, is handled is really beautiful. Most people would likely still be sickened by what I guess you'd have to call a twist, but it's all softened by the grace and gentle humor with which Malle tells the story.

This is the second movie with Lea Massari I've seen in the last couple weeks, only she's a little more naked in this one. If my wife read this and made the connection, I'm sure she would accuse me of doing it on purpose.

Great little movie, and it's one of those 70's films that really seems like it could have been a Wes Anderson movie.

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