Television Show Special: The Eric Andre Show (Seasons 1 and 2)


Rating: None. It's a television show.

Plot: An insane talk show that just might take place in some talk show purgatory.

This might be the worst thing on television, but I can't get enough of it and it makes me laugh like a drunk school girl. I can't quite figure out if I'm watching a work of unparalleled genius or something that foreshadows the impending apocalypse or a little bit of both, but what I do know is that I'm watching something unique. It's one of those Adult Swim shows, so if you're into any of that, you're going to know what to expect. But even then, you're not quite going to know what to expect. It's a cousin to the Tim and Eric weirdness with a little Tom Green mixed in, a cold splash of dada madness and surreal deconstruction and the sort of thing that gets me rock hard. If nothing else, you have to appreciate the editing. Not everything in every episode is comedy gold and some of it seems like a deliberate attempt to annoy or possibly even castrate the viewing audience, but it's the kind of show where I don't even want to blink for fear of missing something that I've never seen before. And I really thought watching the star of the show destroy his set at the beginning of every episode would get old, but it really never does. There's a passion to what Eric Andre is doing, and he's the type of performer willing to sacrifice his body and his dignity as much as the Jackass performers. Part-lowbrow pop nonsense and part-artistic statement, this is often a complete assault on the eyes and ears, a show that has caused my wife to actually threaten me.

I thought you might like to know what I'm watching instead of movies. Between this, baseball, and the start of my school year, I haven't fit many films in lately.

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